Life of A Blogger: Have faith in what you do

Life of a blogger - have faith

Blogging isn’t for sissies. Even if you start as one, in time, you eventually grow a tough skin. Ways blogging can help you develop a tough skin As a blogger, I have sometimes felt like giving up. At times, I even asked myself what was the point really. Was anyone even reading me? Was I impacting any lives, […]

Life of a blogger – elation and small joys

life of a blogger - mademoiselle nomad - elation and small joys

If you’re anything like me, you do take pride in the work you do. I do believe there is no need to be ashamed of the work of your hands as long as what you do contribute in some ways to the world. Whatever we do impacts another, whether we see its results straight away […]

Restaurant Review: Nomad Bistro Fusion

Nomad Bistro Fusion Restaurant Review

With a restaurant that bears my name, how could I resist the allure of eating there? Therefore, you can imagine how thrilled and excited I was to be invited by the co-owners, Mohit Sureka and Chef Mardia Swartz for an exclusive tasting before they opened officially. (I felt honoured!). Wherever there’s food, I’m there. And it […]

Life of A Blogger – A typical day

Life of a blogger - a typical day

I have been blogging since 2006. First it started because I found myself in the bush veld of South Africa and then it became something bigger than I expected. What started as a way to kill time and amuse myself and my family eventually became my lifestyle. A typical day in my life as a […]

Restaurant Review: Scheckter’s Raw

Scheckter's Raw restaurant - Mademoiselle Nomad

Ever since becoming more mindful of what I put inside my body, my choices in where I go eat out have become more selective. And so, what a delight that Scheckter’s Raw recently opened up in Sea Point (Cape Town), serving organic vegan food made with love. The first time I went there, I grabbed a salad from […]

Life of a blogger: keep it fun

Mademoiselle Nomad - Life of a blogger - fun

I’ve touched on life of a blogger in my previous post, and emphasized that starting to write is the first step towards having and keeping a blog. It sounds so simple and yet can be quite difficult for some to take that leap. That too, is perfectly normal. Another important facet of blogging is to know […]