It’s great being a nomad, but what about love?

nomad love, waiting for love

I have been pondering more and more about the meaning of love in the context of being a digital nomad. Or being a nomad, period. As a nomad, you get to feast your eyes on gorgeous sights and landscape around the world. You enjoy being wined and dined under the stars, by the beach, in […]

50 lessons travelling as a solo female nomad taught me

At the Cullinan Hotel, solo female nomad

With my strong desire to explore what was beyond the beautiful lagoon of Mauritius island, I set off to travel solo and discover the world on my terms. My first solo trip was aged 16, when I went to visit relatives in Reunion Island. Despite the fact that this was a short plane trip from Mauritius, my life […]

Life of A Blogger: Have faith in what you do

Life of a blogger - have faith

Blogging isn’t for sissies. Even if you start as one, in time, you eventually grow a tough skin. Ways blogging can help you develop a tough skin As a blogger, I have sometimes felt like giving up. At times, I even asked myself what was the point really. Was anyone even reading me? Was I impacting any lives, […]