8 lovely things to do in Sitges

I previously shared on this blog about the beautiful beach town of Sitges in Spain. Despite the small town serenity it provides, Sitges has much to offer by way of things to do. The best way to get around in Sitges is to walk.

Here are my recommendations of lovely things to do in Sitges:

1. Stroll along Passeig Maritim

Passeig Maritim in Sitges, Catalonia, Spain
Passeig Maritim SitgesBrimming with restaurants on the one side and beautiful sandy beaches on the other, this seafront promenade invites for a lovely stroll. There, you’ll find joggers, families, cyclists, tourists, and dogs walking with their respective owners.

2. Enjoy the golden hour 

Golden Hour sunset in Sitges

sunset in Sitges

Being on the east coast of Spain, Sitges won’t exactly offer epic-over-the-sea sunset. Nonetheless, it’s pretty magical to feast your eyes on the golden skyline. My tip: Watch from one of the benches along the steps of the Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla (leading down to the promenade). Or walk along the promenade (refer to point no. 1 above)

sunset in Sitges
enjoying the view

3. Visit Palau de Maricel

Palau de Maricel - Sitges

Open every Sunday. Check the times before you visit. Do join a guided tour to delve into its rich history. Former home to American art collector and philanthropist, Charles Deering. Now used for weddings, conferences and cultural events. In summer, you could attend concerts held there or moon-lit dinners on the terrace.

4. A day at the beach

Sitges beachfront

Even in winter, Sitges benefits from sunshine due to its fairly mild climate. Get your daily dose of sun on any of its 17 beaches. The ones we enjoyed the most were Platja de San Sebastiá and Platja de la Fragata (picture below) where we walked regularly during our winter break in this lovely town.

Platja de San Sebastiá - Sitges

5. Casa Bacardi 

Casa Bacardi Sitges

Even if you’re not into the beverage, it is worth visiting as it’s also a museum seeing that the founder is a native of Sitges. Not only will you learn about (and taste!) rum, you’ll also discover interesting stories about the brand. And the bat.

6. Tapas time

tapas restaurant in Sitges

Act like a local and after siesta, head to the tapas bars for some jamòn and cerveza indulgence. (That’s ham and beer in the local language).

7. Brush up on culture at Museu Cau Ferrat

Museu Cau Ferrat Sitges
inside the museum
Santiago Rusiñol and Ramón Casas
Santiago Rusiñol and Ramón Casas

Former home workshop of artist Santiago Rusiñol (who played an important role in terms of Catalan modernism) this is a museum that is worth a visit. This is my number one museum to visit in this town.

8. Attend mass service at the Iglesia Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla

Church Sant Bartomeu Santa Tecla Sitges

This church is beautiful both inside and out. The best way to enjoy it is to see it in its most glorious moment: during mass service. For the hours, check here. We attended the Sunday mass in Catalan (we think? hard to tell as we speak neither catalan or Castellano/Spanish!) and it was great to be a part of this. Having both been raised as Catholics, we could understand the order of the ceremony. Don’t miss: the striking organ and the Renaissance-era altarpiece.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Sitges. It was winter then, so we missed out on a few things because they were closed for the holidays (for example the popular Queens show). In slow-travel though, this only means one thing: we shall return.

If you do visit Spain and land in Barcelona, do make time to visit Sitges. It’s only a short train ride away (40 minutes from Barcelona Sants station).

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