A no-cook meal (perfect for a TV platter)

 We all deserve a break from cooking. Being nomads mean we are either planning for the next move, moving, packing or unpacking. And cooking, while some of us may enjoy it, can be the last thing on our minds. 

Because we probably want a day to chill. 

And those days include staying in. Ah, the sheer joy that accompanies knowing we don’t have to be anywhere, no site to see, no museum to explore, no train to catch, but simply stay indoors. In our cosy new (temporary) home. 

Such a day did happen for me and I had no desire to cook. Also, it was a long day of exploring and taking photos, while writing and updating social media. I was quite knackered and all I wanted to do was laugh while watching some light-hearted TV shows on Netflix. 

I set up my laptop on my bed (yes I’m one of those people who sometimes eat in bed) and made this:

This is what I like to call “un plateau télé” – a TV platter. Lots of delicious (and varied) nibbles to munch on while you watch your favourite sitcoms or movie. 

There was a rustic-style, artisan olive ciabatta bread left over. So I broke it into smaller chunks. 

I hulled some strawberries (it’s the season in Spain – yay!), plated them next to thin slices of Serrano ham, Brie cheese and baby salad leaves (on which I drizzled some olive oil). And that was my TV platter done in under ten minutes. 

This style of eating doesn’t involve any cooking, requires only a small knife (I washed mine twice in the process), and makes great use of whatever you have as produce. Make sure you get different colours of food, different textures to create variation and excitement as you munch along. 

This platter can be made with any fruit, vegetable or meat of your choice. It could be falafel balls with cut carrots and peppers. Or cantaloupe melon with Parma ham and asparagus. You can add some dips too. It’s up to you to curate what you like to eat and add them to your platter. 

Ideal when you fancy a cosy night in, in front of the telly, or if you have some friends over and feel like a snack platter. Or when you’re by yourself with no intention to cook up a storm – that’s the way to go. 

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