A short lesson in Mauritian Creole – part two – Romantic compliments & phrases

Mauritian Creole – a short lesson

My dear readers, by popular demand the Mauritian creole lesson makes its comeback.

To be honest, I never thought my short creole lesson would have that much positive feedback from you. I’m pleased to know that I can help you interact more with your Mauritian partner. This one is for you dear reader who emailed me (you know who you are!).

In this second part of our lesson in Mauritian creole, we will focus on romantic words to be used with someone you love, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, partner. Basically that awesome Mauritian lover of yours!

romantic sunset in tropical Mauritius
sunset – romantic Mauritius

We begin with some compliments you may use with your loved one:

To mari zoli (tow mah-ree zow-lee)  – you are very beautiful/pretty

Mo kontan twa (mow kon-tah too-ah) – I love you

Mo mari kontan twa (mow mah-ree kon-tah too-ah) – I love you very much

To tou pou mwa (tow two poo moo-ah) – You’re my everything

Mo envi fer twa plaisir (mow en-vee fair too-ah play-zeer) – I want to please you

Trap mo lamé (trapp mow lah-meh) – hold my hand

Fer mwa ene ti ba (fair moo-ah enn tee bah) – Give me a little peck/kiss

Ba moi (bah moo-ah) – kiss me

Embrasse moi (ambrass moo-ah) – kiss me * used by those who want to sound sophisticated, with a French flair 🙂

Maye mwa (my moo-ah) – embrace me, hold me, cuddle with me

Vini, mo maye twa (vee-nee mow my too-ah) – come, let me hold you/embrace you – it can be an embrace or cuddle

Mo Gaté (mow gah-tay) – my darling

Gat/ Gaté (gatt/ gah-tay) – darling

Mo la doo (mow lah doo) – my sweety, my sweetie pie, my honey *basically derived from the sweet Indian cake ‘laddoo’ 🙂

Chéri (when addressing a man)/ Chérie (when addressing a woman) (shay-ree) – darling, dearie – same as in French

What other words or phrases can you think of? Let me know as I might have missed a few, having never had to speak creole in any of my romantic relationships.

Good luck with impressing your gaté. Feel free to send me your couple selfies or upload on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and use the hashtag #MademoiselleNomad

Should these phrases score you the wedding of your dreams, please send an invite my way too – I LOVE weddings!

*Disclaimer: I am not an expert at creole. It wasn’t until recently that creole has become more widely accepted in its usage in texts, as well as church sermons for instance. So, while I can speak it, please note it’s as a dialect and not as a language I studied. This post is meant to spice up your couple life and hopefully your lover can appreciate this.

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