Mademoiselle Nomad

Beatrice Chan aka Mademoiselle Nomad

Who am I?

My name is Beatrice Chan and am the creator & writer of this blog. I am a tropical island girl turned sophisticated digital nomad, slow travelling since 2001.

What is Mademoiselle Nomad about?

Mademoiselle Nomad is a slow travel blog with a sophisticated touch.

This blog aims to inspire readers that nothing in life is impossible to achieve, as long as you put in the effort, hard work, determination and perseverance to do so.

Most importantly, Mademoiselle Nomad is to invite you to design a life you loveliving with less but getting richer with adventures that fill the soul with happiness when you do what you truly enjoy.

What’s the sophisticated digital nomad life like?

  • A minimalist capsule wardrobe
  • Work from anywhere as long as there’s wifi
  • Changing ‘homes’ often. After all, even our time on earth is not permanent!
  • I travel solo, on my own, on my terms. I can leave by train, bus, plane when I want to and for however long I want to.
  • I learn new things constantly and I grow on a daily basis as I step out of my comfort zone into one where I have to turn my fear into excitement and curiosity.
  • Flexibility in my daily life. On a Monday morning, I can go for a swim in the ocean and work for two hours in the evening after a long lunch and a nap.
  • I do a job I love, work that I find meaningful
  • I get to live out my purpose and calling in life. Every day.
  • I have friends around the world who enrich me as a person.
  • I am not lost. I have never been more secure, confident in myself than I am now.
  • I have no limitations in my beliefs. I believe we can rise up to our true identity, like royals, and live our best life by being the best us we can be.
  • Staying in different places, sometimes five star hotels, other times in a cosy apartment
  • Eating good food and trying local food in various countries
  • Being a #femmepreneur and carrying my business wherever I go
  • Doing everything with kindness and spreading joy as much as I can

What work do I do?

  • Writing
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Coaching (personal brand, writing, blogging, digital nomad lifestyle)
  • Tourism/DMC & Hospitality
  • Creating communities
  • French/English tutoring