About Me

I am Beatrice Chan, an author and a perpetual nomad. I help people who live abroad navigate the intricacies of their new lives, by guiding them through the various stages. By integrating authenticity, meaning, and creativity in the way we do life abroad, we are able to sail through with greater ease, joy and flow.

A love of writing and people…

Highly sensitive, highly creative, and highly intuitive – let’s just say INFJ – it was natural to find me in my room in Mauritius, since the age of seven, putting pen to paper. Whether it was crafting a new outline for a story, or writing an encouraging letter to a classmate, I was in my element when writing.
Besides my love for writing, I also love people. Especially when they look different to me, and speak in foreign accents. And so, I enrolled at the Hotel School of Mauritius to pursue a career in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. Secretly, I hoped it would take me into different corners of the globe as I longed to explore beyond the shores of Mauritius.

… led to living abroad…

My first trip overseas was when I was one year old – far too young to remember anything – although it set the tone to a lifetime of adventures abroad.”I could live here!” a 16-year old me exclaimed on a solo trip to Reunion island. This is still my motto to this day upon landing in a new country. (Problematic I tell you, I keep moving from here to there). When an opportunity arose for a job overseas in 2001, I did not hesitate. Off I embarked for three years in Dubai, UAE.

Since then, I lived on three different continents, dwelled for shorter periods in over 10 other countries, couch-surfed, attended expat events, went on 20 Tinder dates, had several LDRs, conquered homesickness and depression phases, and I am still enjoying my life abroad. Of course, with the occasional returns to my home country, Mauritius (oh the joys of reverse culture shock!).

… to now helping others do life abroad

in a way they can celebrate, thrive, and love their new environment.

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My beliefs & values

  1. There is much beauty within us waiting to be shared with the world for the greater good.  Designing a life we love is a good start.
  2. It is often in the most difficult stages of life that we have an opportunity to redefine ourselves – and incidentally – our lives. Depression often gives way to creativity – new life.
  3. Minimalism (conscious consumerism) over keeping up with the Kardashians (or any of the 21st century Joneses)
  4. When in doubt, nap.
  5. Good manners & kindness are never out of fashion
  6. A cup of tea with a trusted friend solves all our problems
  7. Nothing is impossible to those who believe in God


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