I’m delighted you’re here – it’s no accident, it’s definitely for a reason. So, get comfortable (preferably with a cup of tea) and let’s share a meaningful connection through the stories I share with you on Mademoiselle Nomad blog.

Through intentional living, I invite you to elevate the daily no matter your circumstances as we embark on a journey to embrace slow. I believe we are all nomads, sojourning on Earth until we reach our ultimate Home. As we navigate through life, we deepen our respect and understanding about the different cultures of the world, thus creating a stronger connection within ourselves and with others.

My name is Bea Mangar, and I’m a Mauritian nomadic writer and entrepreneur, creator of Mademoiselle Nomad.

In my early 20s, while I worked and lived in a foreign country, my parents had separated. My sense of home, security, and stability came crashing down – life was never the same after that. As an adult child of divorce, I was suffering from PTSD and depression, but I pushed through ( clearly in denial of my sorrow) – I worked hard and socialised even harder. Keeping busy was my priority, and I was addicted to saying yes to every engagement and volunteered wherever I could – church, soup kitchens… I never wanted to let anyone down and wanted everyone to like me. I was desperate to belong somewhere, to feel heard, loved, and understood. I needed to be everywhere, attend every conference, workshop, event, festival, market.

Three birthday dinners in one evening? No problem, count me in, yes in all three different locations. 

It was during one such evening where I crammed many events in one that I almost faced death because I distractedly got into a car when hailing for a taxi but the driver was upset and even worse, suicidal. Fortunately, there is a God watching over me and I escaped unscathed. After that night, more incidents happened and the years of going through emotional abuse, depression and anxiety finally caught up with me. My health deteriorated – I was diagnosed with chronic conditions and I hit rock bottom. When I was on the brim of despair, I had an immense wake up call.

I begun by reclaiming my identity, getting clear on my vision for my life, and curated lessons from women I admired. The truth is, when we feel empty and lonely (even if we have 1,000 friends on Facebook), it’s because we don’t have a strong sense of who we are or where we are headed. This translates as running a race where you have no clue what it’s for or who for. 

It dawned on me that ‘home’ isn’t necessarily a physical place – we can feel at home within ourselves, and our home on Earth is temporary. But while we’re here, we can make life beautiful, and it starts within. When you get comfortable with who you are, and live accordingly, you can boldly follow your dreams, (even if few understand). The greatest lessons I learned were to go through the seasons (of life, and weather wise) for each bring their own pleasures and help us grow to the next stage. I also learned to be intentional about what I say yes to, and started saying no without feeling guilty or pressured. I finally felt free to be me and I am now passionate about guiding others to do the same.

If we could find joy in the everyday, being deeply rooted in our identity, who would we be? Imagine this – who would you be, what would you do, what work would you be doing? Maybe you’ll boldly live the kind of life you desire. Maybe you’d write a book. Maybe you’d be more yourself rather than striving to be someone you’re not. Perhaps you’d dare to create your best life, and blossom into the best version of you.

 By weaving authenticity, meaning, and creativity in the way we live, we’re able to whole-heartedly create an intentional story – one in which we experience more joy. And that’s my invitation to you.

Join me on this journey to slow living – an approach to life that’s infused with purpose, rich with intention, and blooming at our own pace (no comparison with the next flower here), finding joy in every season.