I’m delighted that you’re here – it’s no accident, there must be a reason. So, get comfortable (preferably with a cup of tea) and let’s share a meaningful connection through the stories I share with you on Mademoiselle Nomad blog.

Through intentional living, I invite you to elevate the daily no matter your circumstances as we embark on a journey to embrace slow. I believe we are all nomads, sojourning on Earth until we reach our ultimate Home. As we navigate through life, we deepen our respect and understanding about the different cultures of the world, thus creating a stronger connection within ourselves and with others.

My name is Bea Mangar, founder of Mademoiselle Nomad. What initially began as a personal blog (and my mom as my number one reader) is now a platform where life is shared in such a way that we cannot but celebrate it (yes, even when it gets ugly). I say “life”, and what I mean by it is the collection of amazing moments that leave us in awe and wonder, the simple things that bring us pleasure, as well as the bits in between we’d rather not say out loud (but I do!). By weaving authenticity, meaning, and creativity in the way we live, we’re able to whole-heartedly create an intentional story – one in which we experience more joy. And that’s my invitation to you.

Join me on this journey to slow living – an approach to life that’s infused with purpose, rich with intention, and blooming at our own pace (no comparison with the next flower here), finding joy in every season.