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ShandraniI was so excited when I finally hopped on the plane for Mauritius. I pictured blissful days at the beach, sand in between my toes, tropical fruits galore for breakfast and lavish luxury. If you feel that way too, you absolutely must follow my tips for a perfect Mauritius holiday. (And who better to guide you than a Mauritian girl herself, who can reveal all of the island’s best-kept secrets?)


Arrive in style – soft landing

To begin with, the one thing you must absolutely do is to arrive in style. I could have stayed in a guesthouse or even with family. However, I wanted to be close enough to the airport and yet, still enjoy the facilities of being pampered and spoiled immediately after I land. Despite Mauritius being a small island, it can take rather long until you get to your hotel, depending on where you’ve booked.


Why not check in to a resort that is close to the airport and yet not have a plain ‘airport hotel’ feel? It took my taxi driver less than 15 minutes to get me from the airport to my hotel – Shandrani Resort & Spa.


In a league of its own, Shandrani Resort & Spa exudes luxury resort ambience. The courteous, attentive personnel, the golf carts that shuttle you to your room, the impeccable room finishes and amenities and so much more! Plus, it’s situated on a private protected peninsula where you can enjoy the rich underwater wildlife of the marine park of Blue Bay.


I chose to stay at the Shandrani Resort & Spa for two nights for a number of reasons. If you desire a life of sophistication, you’ll want nothing less than to stay in a luxurious resort – trust me. Luckily, Mauritius is filled with beautiful resorts to choose from.


The welcome

As I got out of the car after an elegantly dressed young man opened the door for me, I noticed an equally elegant young woman standing by the hotel entrance, smiling at me. It took me a few seconds to realize that she was actually waiting for me. Imagine that – your arrival is being eagerly anticipated by the personnel at Shandrani Resort & Spa! She handed me a cold towel, nicely rolled up, which I in turn welcomed with great enthusiasm. If you know a thing or two about humidity, you’ll understand how uncomfortable you can feel on a tropical island and the relief I felt when rubbing the face towel on my face, my hands and then gently placing it on the back of my neck whilst filling in the check-in form. I was greeted by the lovely Youvenna who explained all the resort’s facilities to me while I sipped on my deliciously refreshing tropical welcome beverage (this is the life, guys!). I was a little bit lost (after my flight, being hungry and sticky…) however, I knew all the information was to be found in my beautiful room!

The room

Firstly, upon entering my room, I was blown away by how thoughtful this resort is. It’s those little extra caring touches that make your stay delightful. Seeing I landed late evening and all the restaurants were already closed, I came into my room to this delicious plate of food, complete with dessert!


How thoughtful is this? 🙂 I felt really spoiled and loved (food – yes, yes, yes!).


this is what true happiness looks like 🙂


I loved my room – it was clean, with crisp white linen on the bed, comfortable, soft pillows, nice lighting and a minimalist, yet elegant finish, with splashes of coral here and there.


My luggage was wet from the rain but left to dry in the lovely walk-in closet. I found everything I could need – an iron and board, an umbrella and a luxurious bathrobe to use during my stay. Gone were all my worries if I had any… After a peaceful night, in my air-conditioned cocoon while it rained and was hot, humid outside, I woke up to this:


Yes, my own balcony…  and you’ll be happy to note that all the rooms are sea-facing! All. The Rooms. How amazing?!

The absolute best in tropical island paradise holiday and a great spot to work a bit (both on my tan and on my blog), if you ask me.


And now for the crucial bit of information in this century: yes, there is complimentary wifi in the rooms. This means you can selfie all you want, post on Instagram and check in on Facebook (after you’ve physically checked in at Shandrani Resort & Spa) 🙂

But if social media isn’t your thing and you prefer to truly relax or do something else during your holiday, then there’s loads on offer.


All smiles – amazing welcome at the Boathouse

The activities

There are so many activities within the hotel premises to do that you won’t be bored. Go to the boathouse to book glass bottom boat trips, pedal boat, kayak, water-skiing and other exciting water sports.


Despite the fact that it rained heavily due to a cyclone in the area when I was there, I managed to squeeze in a boat ride. I strongly recommend one. You’ll find the team from the Boathouse is tons of fun and will assist you in all your watersports needs, whether you’re looking for something chilled or adrenaline-packed!


You can get the complete list of the activities available (especially if you’re on the Serenity Plus All Inclusive Package) here.

Sadly, my two nights and three days were not enough to experience everything. And whether you’re solo, in a couple or with your children, there will be a great choice of activities that will delight all ages. It’s a vibrant resort (yet peaceful enough for these afternoon siestas), where your senses awaken and you want to try everything that’s on offer. I know I wanted to do so much…


activity board – what would you like to do?

There was so much to see, explore and try that I didn’t have enough time for a long massage at the Spa by Clarins. I did however visit as I couldn’t resist the zen atmosphere that prevailed.


I drooled at that outdoor treatment area (pic below) – how absolutely blissful would it be to lie there and have your body be gently brought back to relaxed mode by one of the qualified spa therapists?


Shandrani Resort & Spa also boasts a Sports Centre so that you can carry on with your fitness regimen, on your own, in group classes or with one of their personalized trainers available. Exercise also means walking – which you will get a lot of as you walk from your room to the restaurant and back. They’ve planned everything so well that after stuffing myself with food, I felt great every day knowing I’m reaching my targeted number of steps. Eat that dessert!

Talking of desserts, this brings me to the food…

The restaurants and bar

With four restaurants and two bars, rest assured that you will eat and drink to your heart’s content. I loved having breakfast with a view over the sea. Needless to say that my short stay there turned me instantly into a morning person. Freshly squeezed orange juice, a boiled egg, fresh bread, flapjacks and   tropical fruits – I was seriously enjoying the most important meal of the day.

As a solo traveller, I did notice there were many couples at the resort (probably on honeymoon or newly engaged) as well as families. However, I was comforted by the fact that Shandrani is the kind of resort that welcomes all. I saw some cabin crew members from an airline company who were also staying there and a bunch of other type of tourists. There was a great mix.

I gobbled down my awesome breakfast, went to have a dip in the ocean during the day, a nap in the afternoon followed by entertainment at the Blue Bay bar after dinner. Dress code is smart causal in the evenings for the restaurant, which is fabulous as I got to wear my pretty cocktail dress and my high heels and felt splendid 🙂

There’s a different performance or show each night at the bar, so make sure you check which one is on and also, go early so you can get the best seat. I had a truly magnificent time on my last evening, watching the trio of ladies sing. Let me tell you, Mauritius has got talent! Some songs moved me, others made me want to dance while others made me miss my man. Other guests sitting nearby were also having a ball of a time! It was fun, vibey and just the perfect way to enjoy my last night there.

Occasionally, one could hear the sound of a plane passing above, however it only lasted for about 10 seconds and you couldn’t hear it when you were in your room.

The sophisticated factor

  • It is a five star resort with five star service – hello, luxury.
  • All the amenities are available in your room. Hair-dryer, umbrella, mini-bar, I mean, you really can relax into absolute comfort and luxury.
  • The way the resort preserves the environment in its sustainable tourism practices. For example, guests are encouraged to save water by reusing their towels and placing the ones they’d like to have changed in the tub. And its restaurants serve pure table water, packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles in an effort to reduce plastic waste. I love that!!
  • The spa – you really must pamper yourself to one of their treatments
  • The immaculate gardens and the many, many activities and facilities available
  • The beautiful “nurse room” (infirmary) – how comforting to know you can get first care in your hotel.

Mademoiselle Nomad thanks Shandrani Resort & Spa for their hospitality. This review is entirely based on my own opinion & personal experience.


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