African countries to explore – which one is on your list?

After being in South Africa for 11 years, I realized I am not familiar with other African countries. And yet, there’s so much beauty and magic to discover in this rich and diverse continent.

Where to go?

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When I did the quiz, my result didn’t surprise me at all. Morocco has always had a special place on my dream destination list. Maybe because I’ve had time to mingle with Moroccans and I find them friendly, hospitable, and they have the same kind of humour that we do here in South Africa. The food is absolutely delicious! I mean, how can you resist a lamb tagine? Or perhaps a scrumptious comforting harira soup? That’s one of my favourites. Well I haven’t been yet, but I would love to go. This time last year I was eyeing some spots to visit there. I was browsing throughout tourist guide and couldn’t help but be entranced by all the beautiful images and the fascinating info about this country. 

Enough about my dream destination within the African countries. I’m curious to know where your heart longs to travel to!

I’d love to know what your results are, so please do share here or on social media.

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