Art exhibitions in Port Louis, Mauritius expertly curated by The Third Dot

When I was growing up on the island (Mauritius) in the eighties, I dreamed of attending art and cultural activities – sadly, these were rare and few between. Today, now that I’ve returned after living abroad for some time, it is a delight to see how far we’ve come in that area. In fact, I can barely keep up with all the cultural events happening in Mauritius island!

Art exhibitions in Mauritius – curated by The Third Dot

I had the immense pleasure of visiting the exhibitions that took place at Dock 13 in Port-Louis. So far, I’ve attended two exhibitions, both curated by The Third Dot, sponsored by Rogers Capital. I am highly grateful to organisations like that, who devote their time to artists, and projects pertaining to the promotion of art.

Art exhibition – Analogies et Correspondances

This exhibition, Analogies et Correspondances, earlier this year brought together the astounding work of two painters namely Roger Charoux and Jocelyn Thomasse. It was my first visit at Trou Fanfaron art space. Great job from The Third Dot team in terms of setting up this exhibition. The proximity to the docks of Port Louis gives you stunning views over the ships and part of the capital city.

It was a delight to discover the paintings of these two artists in the form of story-telling through their letters. Through correspondence from these two great artists, we get a glimpse into their world. Their passion and absolute dedication for their art brought tears to my eyes, then warmth to my heart, and made me think of community spirit. These two knew about collaboration, sharing their love for painting, and encouraging each other. I felt immensely blessed to have seen the works of these local artists.

Art exhibition in Port Louis Mauritius View of the docks - Port Louis harbourBoats docked in Port Louis, Mauritius
I enjoyed their different paintings – oil, acrylic, and watercolour. I wish I had a home (wishful thinking for a nomad!) and could invest in Mauritian art. Maybe some day in the near future. When you visit, you receive a booklet containing all the information about the various paintings that are exhibited, along with prices if you wish to purchase. Everything about this art exhibition was so professional and brimming of excellence, on par with various art exhibitions internationally.

Art exhibition – Zig Ziggurat

The second exhibition I attended, Zig Ziggurat, blew my mind. Beautiful photography, drawings, paintings and sculptures by Stéphanie Desvaux. Seriously, can one person be any more talented? I love how this artist can express herself through various forms. I enjoyed the minimalism in the photography. The stark contrast between some black & white photography and then bright, colourful ones. I loved the use of bold colours against backdrops that were clearly taken on the island (cue little pirogues). There were images that represented the quotidian, such as washing on the line, or an angle of a building. For a few hours, it felt as though I were transported inside the camera lens of the photographer and was amazed to see what it pointed at. It gave me a different perspective on ordinary things and it was refreshing.

After admiring the various photography on display on the cement walls, I moved on to the sculptures section. They might not appeal to those who love bold colours however we absolutely loved them! Minimalistic, yet intricately sculpted with details that make them seem imperfect. It reminded me of our own frailty as humans. Of broken dreams. Of being imperfect, and yet having our lives matter. These objects, I feel, represented that. Meaning, purpose, and value despite having somewhat of a “flaw”, a crack, uneven edges. Raw. Pure. Note – that’s entirely my own interpretation of some of the pieces though!

Where to see the art?

I strongly urge you to go see for yourself at Dock 13, Albion Docks, Trou Fanfaron in Port Louis. The art gallery opens everyday Mon – Fri from 10:00 to 17:00 until 10th November 2017 for the current exhibition. Don’t miss it. Entrance is FREE.

Feel free to share what you think, I’d love to know as I’m by no means an art connoisseur. I simply happen to enjoy visiting art galleries and appreciating what artists create. So I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.

I hope that this gives you some insight into the art culture in Mauritius. It’s been fascinating for me thus far to be exposed to such talented artists. I am looking forward to more art discoveries around the island. Of course, I’ll make sure to share these with you, my dearest readers.

Art exhibitions in Mauritius - The Third Dot

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  • Hi there I’m British Mauritian,I can say I’m truly proud to call my self Mauritian. Like mostly British born- parent being Mauritian, coming from small island. Like most Mauritian coming to England to become nurse, like my parents over 46years who worked hard to come to England for a better life …I know I’m sounded like a typical Mauritian to mention all nursing but that where you start -I like to know more about the country and culture, I just came back last week from the beautiful island -missing all the family and especially the food …roti and gauteau pema- dual pori….and not forgetting the phonix beer & local rum and bag of twist yummy …miss all that 🙁 . Just celebrate my sister big one out there, had fun going to Casela (safari) amazing – evertimr I go to Mauritius it developeing so fast – I go to Mauritius once year – to make time for family and visit my dad villa…guess mostly Mauritian people are passed down land or heritage land…so I was like wow it so nice to see different culture & religion all come together what a friendly island .