Cabbage Bowls with the filling of your choice

Do you love eating vegetables? More specifically salad leaves, leafy greens?

My take on leafy greens

Don’t give me leafy greens just like that. I don’t enjoy eating them. Unless they are exquisite and fascinating when you take a forkful, the taste sends you to the Mediterranean or off to an idyllic trip. Yes, my food needs to speak to me, transport me, lift me to greater heights beyond imagination. I cannot go on eating crunchy leaf after crunchy leaf unless there are moments where I’m intrigued and surprised. I also don’t like to add heaps of vinaigrette or have salad leaves floating in salad dressing or underneath melted cheese. Otherwise, what’s the point of eating a salad if you’re going to cover it with cheese? I want to enjoy the natural taste of the leafy greens, while not feel I am a rabbit or giant tortoise.

cabbage bowls

A great idea from an Italian foodie

I needed clever, lovelier ways to include more leafy greens into my diet. There was only one solution. I turned to my Italian friend. Roberto advised me to substitute pasta – which I eat an inordinate amount of – with cabbage bowls.

cabbage bowls filled with meat, corn and mushrooms

That same day, I got mini cabbages, took out the outer leaves and voilà: sturdy bowls.

The recipe I bring you today is great if you have very little provisions in your kitchen pantry or fridge. Perhaps you’re saving up for your next trip, or you just relocated somewhere and need to settle in a bit. This is the recipe to go for if you still want to eat healthy without breaking the bank. Plus, it looks fancy shmanzy in your plate too!

I filled the cabbage bowls with whatever I have left over that shouldn’t go to waste. In my fridge, all I found were 4 x meatballs, a few corn kernels, 3 x white button mushrooms and some cherry tomatoes. As you will see from the picture, there wasn’t a lot to fill with, but the little I had actually turned these modest provisions into a lovely and delicious tapas-style dish. I added half an avocado, sliced to ‘beef’ each bowl.

Make them for appetizers or as a healthy snack for those mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

Cabbage bowls with the filling of your choice

Ingredients: (serves one nomad)

4-8 outer cabbage leaves

Filling of your choice

Half or one avocado, sliced

Fresh herbs (thinly chopped) to garnish


  1. Wash the outer cabbage leaves and set aside.
  2. Prepare your filling. If you need to cut, dice some vegetables, do that and stir-fry or add them raw, chopped. If you fancy meat, go ahead and grill your meat, cut in smaller pieces and fill the cabbage bowls.
  3. Garnish with fresh herbs and sliced avocado. Feel free to substitute with dried herbs.

cabbage bowls garnished with avocado

I hope you enjoy this quick and super easy recipe. Perfect way to incorporate more cabbage in your diet! The number of benefits eating cabbage are great considering that cabbage is a fairly inexpensive vegetable. Best eaten raw, so go ahead and make these bowls.

Some of the benefits:

  • rich in fibre (helps with constipation, proper functioning of bowel movements)
  • rich in beta-carotene (great for the eyes)
  • anti-inflammatory properties (reduction of effects of any inflammation, irritation, skin ailments, joint pain)
  • rich in iodine and Vitamin K, making it a powerful brain food.
  • rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium (great for bone health)
  • rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C (great for the skin, also delays premature aging)
  • rich in sulphur (great detoxifier – it purifies the blood)

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