Visiting the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art

The Geek visits the Zeitz MOCAA

Art exhibitions in Port Louis, Mauritius expertly curated by The Third Dot

When I was growing up on the island (Mauritius) in the eighties, I dreamed of attending art and cultural activities – sadly, these were rare and few between. Today, now that I’ve returned after living abroad for some time, it is a delight to see how far we’ve come in that area. In fact, I can barely keep up with all the cultural events happening in Mauritius island! Art exhibitions

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Chilli or not? It’s a yes or no question really (but maybe not in Mauritius)

With lots of different cravings in mind (Briyani, dhall purri, roti), I make my way to the food counter. Sure enough, there’s vegetarian roti. I order two pairs sans chilli. While the lovely lady heats up the rotis, my eyes survey the rest of the food offerings. I’m tempted. Lamb curry. Chicken curry. Chicken tandoori. Pulses. I want to eat a bit of everything. Either I’ve been out of Mauritius for far

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Festival of romance & culture – celebrating Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Like a local in Barcelona During my nomadic stay in Barcelona, I have tried as much as I can to blend in with the locals. In other words, to do what they do and embrace the Catalan culture. As you might notice when you visit, Spain is a land of contrasts in various ways and the Catalan region is an autonomous community where Barcelona is situated. Things are done a bit differently

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Celebrating all Cape Town Content Creators #CTCCX2016

Like mentioned in my series Life of A Blogger, I’m a team of ONE person. I handle various ‘departments’ and have to be a jack-of-all-trades. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of creating content for any blog. If you’re a blogger, you’ll be nodding your head knowingly. We bloggers don’t get a 13th check at the end of the year, heck sometimes we don’t even get a

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My challenge as a digital nomad in the South African summer time

With the mercury rising and traffic increasing along all roads that lead to the beach, there’s a lot on my social calendar. Most of my friends from Europe (and various parts of the world) come back to South Africa to enjoy sunny days here. And a mother bunch of them visit because I’ve been going on and on and on and on about how fabulous Cape Town is. So they

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Saturday bliss: reading at The Book Lounge and hot chocolate at Haas

Lately, I’ve been craving reading in my spare time. Unless I make it a priority, I find that a lot of other activities often get in the way. Are you also like that? Do you find that you want to read a book but can never get to it? Making time to read One technique is to treat it as a priority and not letting anything hijack the time you’ve

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Life in Mauritius – first days of my re-integration

It’s been a few weeks living on the island. I haven’t found a place to call my own yet as I’m still unsure how long I’m staying here in Mauritius. There are days where I think how absolutely amazing life is here on the island of Mauritius. And then, there are days where I ask myself what got into me to come back! Yes, dear readers, I used to live

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What surprised me the most about Mauritius island

Mauritius island feels like paradise. Despite the humidity which slows me down, gives me headache and is making me a little disorientated, I am falling madly, deeply, in love with Mauritius. It is, without a doubt, an island of unique natural beauty and its inhabitants absolutely charming and friendly. Take my plane ride to Mauritius for example. Even that was already a glimpse into what it would feel like being

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10 Mauritian habits I lost after moving to the UAE (Dubai)

I was born and bred on the island of Mauritius. It is safe to say that I am a tropical island girl. And yet, some of my Mauritian habits have gotten ‘lost’ along the way… Here, I explore the Mauritian habits I lost after I relocated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), more specifically in the city that never sleeps – Dubai. 1. Having a flower behind my ear If you’ve

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