DodoWorkPlay co-living and co-working retreat in Mauritius – my experience

Discover the fabulous initiative of DodoWorkPlay as I write about my experience. Hopefully it will inspire you to join their upcoming Work|Flow retreats.

Checking in at Amwaj Rotana Hotel JBR in Dubai – a wave of happiness

Checking in at Amwaj Rotana Hotel JBR in Dubai – my full experience about my stay at this elegant five-star hotel.

That one time I went glamping with Africamps (and what happened with my tent)

Camping? Me? Straighten that eyebrow – you’re in for a treat filled with style and sophistication. I promise. Read on, dear readers. Read on. When you get a call from Africamps inviting you for two days and one night of camping for the launch of their third camp, it’s a tough decision. I’m not the type of girl who camps. However, they specialize in boutique camping. Glamping takes camping to another level, we all agree?

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My cats – what I miss the most on my nomadic journey

I adopted these two furry balls of cuteness – The Royal Kittens. Or so I thought, until I realized they were the ones who adopted me. Cats are a different sort of species altogether, really. They come with baggage. And you have to accept them and take them all in, quirks and all. In my case, I took them in with fleas, bruises, little fur and acute anxiety. They were

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