Becoming Mauritian again – my personal progress and shortcomings

It feels good to be back in Mauritius. Even though I’m a local, there are things that I have to adjust with once again after living abroad for more than a decade. You’ll be intrigued to know when you return to your country of origin, it feels like an adventure on its own. I currently feel like I’m in a rehabilitation center where I’m ‘unlearning’ some habits and ‘re-training’ myself

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Letting go of things you cannot take with on your next move 

Dearest reader, letting go is not easy to do. Have you ever had to let go of something dear to you? There are times when it’s inevitable to say goodbye and part. Oh yes, it may break your heart. But oh dear reader, you will feel so much lighter. Letting go of my Ginseng Ficus tree before I move This evening, my hands holding firmly onto the sink countertop, I

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Thoughts before my re-entry or repatriation – going back to my country of origin

Going back home can feel like a strange concept, especially if you’ve made a new home somewhere else. Here are my thoughts as I prepare for this. On the planning side, there is much to do – declutter, pack, sell furniture, give back keys of flat, close accounts. It’s also mentally that I’m preparing myself so I can be in a good, healthy state of mind as I begin my

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DodoWorkPlay co-living and co-working retreat in Mauritius – my experience

Discover the fabulous initiative of DodoWorkPlay as I write about my experience. Hopefully it will inspire you to join their upcoming Work|Flow retreats.

Checking in at Amwaj Rotana Hotel JBR in Dubai – a wave of happiness

Checking in at Amwaj Rotana Hotel JBR in Dubai – my full experience about my stay at this elegant five-star hotel.

That one time I went glamping with Africamps (and what happened with my tent)

Camping? Me? Straighten that eyebrow – you’re in for a treat filled with style and sophistication. I promise. Read on, dear readers. Read on. When you get a call from Africamps inviting you for two days and one night of camping for the launch of their third camp, it’s a tough decision. I’m not the type of girl who camps. However, they specialize in boutique camping. Glamping takes camping to another level, we all agree?

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My cats – what I miss the most on my nomadic journey

I adopted these two furry balls of cuteness – The Royal Kittens. Or so I thought, until I realized they were the ones who adopted me. Cats are a different sort of species altogether, really. They come with baggage. And you have to accept them and take them all in, quirks and all. In my case, I took them in with fleas, bruises, little fur and acute anxiety. They were

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