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Barra de pan with mini burgers on a bed of baby spinach {Recipe}

As a flexitarian, I have my share of red meat about once a week. It also helps as I have a deficiency in vitamin B12 and the best source is red meat. Often, I would combine it with plant-based sources such as spinach and avocado. And that’s exactly what I do in this recipe. Life in Spain and barra de pan In Spain, the barra de pan is a common

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A no-cook meal (perfect for a TV platter)

 We all deserve a break from cooking. Being nomads mean we are either planning for the next move, moving, packing or unpacking. And cooking, while some of us may enjoy it, can be the last thing on our minds.  Because we probably want a day to chill.  And those days include staying in. Ah, the sheer joy that accompanies knowing we don’t have to be anywhere, no site to see,

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Cabbage Bowls with the filling of your choice

Do you love eating vegetables? More specifically salad leaves, leafy greens? My take on leafy greens Don’t give me leafy greens just like that. I don’t enjoy eating them. Unless they are exquisite and fascinating when you take a forkful, the taste sends you to the Mediterranean or off to an idyllic trip. Yes, my food needs to speak to me, transport me, lift me to greater heights beyond imagination.

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