Foodie Fridays

Homemade iced tea with Rooibos, lemon and mint

After spending winter in Spain, I am now spending winter in Mauritius. Fortunately, I’m on a tropical island and here, it never gets too cold. Mauritius’ winter months feel like the perfect summer for me. I can still go out, have sunshine on my face, without feeling I’m about to faint from the heat. Tea – an important ritual in my daily existence As you know, I love a good cuppa

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Fresh salad with organic winter vegetables in Mauritius

One week into my stay in Mauritius and I already stocked up on fresh produce. As you know my love for all things pertaining to slow living, it had to be organic seasonal vegetables grown by local farmers. Fresh produce shopping I was not sure what I would find. Given that I’ve lived most of my cooking years in South Africa and not my own country, I had no idea

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Barra de pan with mini burgers on a bed of baby spinach {Recipe}

As a flexitarian, I have my share of red meat about once a week. It also helps as I have a deficiency in vitamin B12 and the best source is red meat. Often, I would combine it with plant-based sources such as spinach and avocado. And that’s exactly what I do in this recipe. Life in Spain and barra de pan In Spain, the barra de pan is a common

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A no-cook meal (perfect for a TV platter)

 We all deserve a break from cooking. Being nomads mean we are either planning for the next move, moving, packing or unpacking. And cooking, while some of us may enjoy it, can be the last thing on our minds.  Because we probably want a day to chill.  And those days include staying in. Ah, the sheer joy that accompanies knowing we don’t have to be anywhere, no site to see,

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Cabbage Bowls with the filling of your choice

Do you love eating vegetables? More specifically salad leaves, leafy greens? My take on leafy greens Don’t give me leafy greens just like that. I don’t enjoy eating them. Unless they are exquisite and fascinating when you take a forkful, the taste sends you to the Mediterranean or off to an idyllic trip. Yes, my food needs to speak to me, transport me, lift me to greater heights beyond imagination.

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Roast Chicken Wings and Fennel with Shiraz Salt

When it starts getting cold, the wonderful thing to look forward to in that season is oven-roasted meals. Nothing better than to keep us warm as well as give us the satisfaction of a delicious home-cooked dinner. I particularly enjoyed making roast chicken wings with fennel one autumn evening. Fennel grows well in South Africa’s climate and I bought it when it was in season. I love buying seasonal produce for

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Blog series: Foodie Fridays

When I left Mauritius island (born and bred there) to go work and live in the Middle-East, cooking was as foreign as Arabic was to me. Even though my parents lovingly prepared home cooked meals day after day, their culinary skills weren’t passed on to me.  Of course, they never ceased to try to instill in me enough curiosity to prepare a meal. But I unfortunately did not see the

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5 ideas for a healthy delicious breakfast from Mademoiselle Nomad

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’ve all heard this adage a billion times, but the question is how many of us actually have breakfast every morning, let alone a healthy one? Also, let me add that healthy doesn’t have to be the antonym of delicious! Based on your lifestyle and how rushed you are in the morning, you can either have a sit-down breakfast at home

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