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African countries to explore – which one is on your list?

After being in South Africa for 11 years, I realized I am not familiar with other African countries. And yet, there’s so much beauty and magic to discover in this rich and diverse continent. Where to go? Travelstart South Africa, the cheap flights provider and leading Online Travel Agency in Africa, invites you to explore the unique rhythm of Africa and find out which country you secretly want to explore. Get

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Giveaway – A Taste of Mauritius

Dearest readers, It’s Springtime and I’ve just celebrated my birthday so I’m feeling all kinds of happy and want to share the joy with you. So, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I bring you these treasures from my island, Mauritius! Some tropical vibes and sunshine just for you. One lucky winner will have the opportunity to receive this “Taste of Mauritius” giveaway. All you have to do

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My digital detox and what I’ve been up to

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen that I shared about my intention of a digital detox for the month. This came about because when I was in Mauritius (May- July 2017), I realized I spent too much time on my computer or social media working. I had a good flow going in terms of content writing for this blog, as well as taking care of

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Discovering Mauritius as a conscious traveller

My insatiable wanderlust takes me on many nomadic adventures. And the more I explore the world around me, the more I appreciate its beauty. What an amazing planet we live on! Being a conscious traveller I started reflecting on the damaging consequences that some of our actions have. Sometimes we are not even aware of it. For instance, in South Africa, I once held a lion cub in my arms. Because it was cute. Five years later, I

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DodoWorkPlay co-living and co-working retreat in Mauritius – my experience

Discover the fabulous initiative of DodoWorkPlay as I write about my experience. Hopefully it will inspire you to join their upcoming Work|Flow retreats.

Fresh salad with organic winter vegetables in Mauritius

One week into my stay in Mauritius and I already stocked up on fresh produce. As you know my love for all things pertaining to slow living, it had to be organic seasonal vegetables grown by local farmers. Fresh produce shopping I was not sure what I would find. Given that I’ve lived most of my cooking years in South Africa and not my own country, I had no idea

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Chilli or not? It’s a yes or no question really (but maybe not in Mauritius)

With lots of different cravings in mind (Briyani, dhall purri, roti), I make my way to the food counter. Sure enough, there’s vegetarian roti. I order two pairs sans chilli. While the lovely lady heats up the rotis, my eyes survey the rest of the food offerings. I’m tempted. Lamb curry. Chicken curry. Chicken tandoori. Pulses. I want to eat a bit of everything. Either I’ve been out of Mauritius for far

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Festival of romance & culture – celebrating Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Like a local in Barcelona During my nomadic stay in Barcelona, I have tried as much as I can to blend in with the locals. In other words, to do what they do and embrace the Catalan culture. As you might notice when you visit, Spain is a land of contrasts in various ways and the Catalan region is an autonomous community where Barcelona is situated. Things are done a bit differently

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That time I was detained at the airport in Cape Town, South Africa

My priority during my nomadic journey? Making sure I do not do anything to be deported, arrested or anything illegal. That is so important especially if one wants to keep moving from one country to the next, whether it is for work or tourism-related purposes. It is safe to say that I have all my ducks in a row when it comes to boarding a plane. Or so I think I

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Nomadism as a way to travel and explore the world

There are different ways to travel as there are different ways to explore the world. The transportation methods are numerous – bus, train, plane, ferry, bike, on foot. Nowadays, with technology, we can travel from the comfort of our own couch. Switch on the TV for a travel documentary, or put on a virtual reality headset and feel you are in the tropics. We can explore the world through our

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