Discovering Mauritius as a conscious traveller

My insatiable wanderlust takes me on many nomadic adventures. And the more I explore the world around me, the more I appreciate its beauty. What an amazing planet we live on!

Mauritius beach coconut tree

Being a conscious traveller

I started reflecting on the damaging consequences that some of our actions have. Sometimes we are not even aware of it. For instance, in South Africa, I once held a lion cub in my arms. Because it was cute. Five years later, I realized it was cruel to do this to wildlife. More and more, through other responsible human beings, my eyes opened. Our actions can either harm or do good to our planet. Begun my quest towards conscious living including minimalism. I slowly begun educating myself to responsible tourism practices. I still have a long way to go but I can start somewhere. Why not in my own country – Mauritius.

sugarcane fields road in Mauritius

Before coming back to Mauritius in 2016, I had researched what to do on the island. I wanted to re-discover it because so much had changed. Malls had popped up. New “domaines” have cropped that I never heard of, and there were a lot more activities to do. It was then that I came across this article that stirred something within me. I was glad I read it, for it led me to this marvelous online travel guide: Mauritius Conscious.

As it reads on their website:

Mauritius Conscious is a heart-made travel company that specializes in providing sustainable travel experiences to visitors and residents of Mauritius.

Before that though, let me tell you a little story. Not being able to carry my NutriBullet with me to Mauritius, I got in touch with a young woman via the expat online forum. She was discussing the benefits of juicing and wanted to start a community. Little did I know that it was nature’s way of orchestrating a beautiful meeting of souls. Can you guess who that young woman is?

She’s the Romina in the ‘Romina & Gerald’ – the couple behind Mauritius Conscious!

Life in Mauritius as a conscious traveller

So, to recap, I try to be more mindful about my choices and actions. Often though, it’s not that obvious that what we are doing causes harm. So, I am grateful for a travel guide such as Mauritius Conscious. It highlights eco-friendly activities you can take part in Mauritius. It also provides a list of accommodation, services, shops that aligns with their values of being a conscious traveller. And the best part? They organize it all for you, if you simply get in touch with them!

While I went on my independent  adventures, I took inspiration from some things highlighted on their blog. 

Here’s a few examples of some ‘conscious activities’ I did on the island:

Using the local bus system

public transportation in Mauritius

That was such fun! The bus rattled its way past sugar-cane fields as my partner and I travelled from the west coast to Port-Louis. We saved on what would have been an expensive taxi ride and we lived a mini adventure. We laughed and sang on the way, that moment forever etched in our memories as a couple.

Organic vegetables shopping from Agribio

organic vegetables

I got my week’s fresh produce from local farmers. Delicious raw food for days. Local, seasonal, and helping the local economy.

Sunset at the beach

sunset in Mauritius

Sunset, paired with walks on the beach while listening to the sounds of the ocean.

Sampling local cuisine

sept carri local food Mauritius

This took various forms. Sometimes, it meant sitting at a lovely local restaurant to sample a royal feast. Other times, I would buy local cakes from a marchand ambulant. Whichever I chose, my tummy was always happy and satisfied.

street food Mauritius

Appreciating local art

local artist Katty Laguette

I also had the immense pleasure of attending an exhibition of local artists at Mystik Lifestyle Hotel (a hotel doing an excellent job showcasing Mauritius as authentically as possible). The paintings that I liked the most were all from Katty Laguette, a multimedia artist and designer who graduated in Digital Art at the MGI School of Fine Arts in Mauritius. Her paintings are so colourful, full of life, and exuding happiness – it’s impossible not to feel drawn to them.

If you are visiting Mauritius and would like to explore the island as a conscious tourist, I highly recommend you get in touch with Mauritius Conscious for assistance. They know the best places to go, hidden gems, as well as fun activities that are sustainable and eco-friendly. So contact them, and let them organize tailor made conscious trips that will delight you. More info on Mauritius Conscious online travel guide.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the official launch of the online travel guide. However all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 

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  • What a beautiful word: wanderlust 🙂 Sounds pretty German! Indeed we live on an amazing planet compared to the other planets out there though we are pretty nasty parasites as a species as well, just look how we as humankind are treating the planet… Some of us will have to live on Mars in the future… will Planet earth be then only a reminiscence what once was before we destroy it next? through pollution… or through massive nuke bombings of world leaders that have gone nuts!?

    “responsible tourism practices” That’s a tough one. On the one side mass marketing is practised to sell tourism “products” which people can buy as a package (hotel+flight+transfers+car rentals+excursions in busses etc.) which does lead to heavy CO2 emmissions and a lot of people are tempted to buy this and there is no conscious tourism that takes place when these mass products are being consumed… (until someday we have all these products operating without the need to burn fossil fuels…) And it fails (my personal view point) the moment you take an aeroplane… (Because it pollutes so much…) Which for me personally contradicts and is the irony in the notion of even trying to go the ecological path at the destination that you will yet leave again with another air flight trip. One has to be WORLD conscious and not dissect the locality only – that is you are tourism conscious once you reach the destination but when you fly it doesn’t matter… A big difference would if you would sail by boat…
    BUT YES I understand – better to go the ecological conscious path than nothing 🙂 It has to start somewhere… and maybe as a Kraken will reach GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS!

    “For instance, in South Africa, I once held a lion cub in my arms. Because it was cute. Five years later, I realized it was cruel to do this to wildlife.”
    Maybe? If you tickle a hungry lion, maybe you wouldn’t be here writing today… Would that have been cruel or did the lion react the way it is programmed and engineered to react? We can still close our eyes and say I just didn’t see that poisonous snake and snap get bitten and die… Was the snake cruel?…
    If we change this perspective we could say: It was ok to pat the cub? 😉 Nature is in itself structured and designed with the unleashing of brutal cruelty. To hunt, kill and devour for pleasure or satisfy an appetite. Look at humans and their cruel wars since centuries. Humans practice unimaginable cruelty to their very own species – very perverse actually!

    One can tell many stories when it comes to taking the bus… As there are various bus model types and seating comfort varies a lot. The bigger you are, the more uncomfortable the local busses can turn out – even the newest models have pretty narrow seats (and it gets crammed with 2 persons on a seat that fits 1 big persons and crammed with 3 persons on a bench that fits 2 big persons) especially if you are large (like a big rugby player build), including not much leg space especially for tall people. I personally enjoy taking the bus as it directly connects you with local Mauritius. You get to see people come in and out of the bus that all look different from each other. If the bus stands high from the chassis, you can get different views. Yet I favour the express busses because these tend to be newer builds and offer better seating comfort. While the other bus routes sometimes have busses where the seats, if you have back pain, can be quite uncomfortable. Yet, I do also enjoy these busses for a ride to see time pass by as I reach Port-Louis very slowly and get to see a lot. Yet, this I will do only once upon a time… BUT if I was to work daily and travel back and forth to the capital, such a busses wouldn’t be on my list, I would go more for the express busses…

    Where do they sell Agribio?