Improve your health and your productivity with the DeskStand – standing while you work

Do you work at a computer a lot?

Do you work long hours, sitting at a desk, usually Monday to Friday?

Do you suffer from neck pain?

Are you prone to migraine and tension headaches?

Do you suffer from back pain?

Are you one of those people in a cubicle, in an air-conditioned bubble?

If you have answered YES to at least one of the above questions, I think you and I can relate to each other.

Neck strain and other issues

Strained neck from sitting too long in one position, back pain, joint pain (you know that painful feeling in your knee joint you get when you get off your chair?), sore shoulders and a sore body overall. How on earth did we get to that point? And more importantly, what can we do to change this? After all, for most of us, the nature of our jobs mean that we have to be at our desk, at our computer for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month…

When in the history of mankind have we been known to be born for this sort of sedentary lifestyle? We were made to move and do all kinds of activities: hop, dance, jump, skip, tiptoe, walk, run, jog, sprint, kick and so much more.

It’s all a matter of balance.

To share my own story, I spent many years sitting at a computer, at a desk day after day and suffering from neck stiffness from looking down all the time in an uncomfortable position, my right wrist constantly under strain from clicking the mouse, my hands and arms clicking on a keyboard that isn’t positioned right, and my eyes burning from the glare of the screen, giving me after a long week THE most debilitating and horrible headaches. One day though, I had an epiphany – what if  ‘these people’ were right? The people I looked up to (the successful 6-digit income blogger, the best-selling authors); they all mentioned working standing. Could this be what I needed?

My 2 week standing challenge

I knew I had to find a solution and in my search for an answer, stumbled upon this website. After contacting Ryan Roberts, Cape Town designer & founder of the DeskStand™ and telling him I had enough of neck tension, back pain etc and how he could help, he gave me a challenge for the upcoming two weeks. The challenge was to stand for 1 hour the first 2 days and increase the number of hours gradually to finally be standing 4 hours by Friday of the 2nd week! Standing while working?

This was made possible with this beautiful DeskStand™ I was given for the challenge (the smaller shelf omitted in this picture):

using the Original DeskStand™ at my home
The Original DeskStand


It was so easy to put together with its simple 4-stage slotting assembly. I did it by myself, even though I’m the tiniest girl I know 🙂 It literally took me 5 mins to assemble mine and then lift it on my desk. I placed it on the table I usually work at, with the bottom shelf holding my laptop. (If I had a separate keyboard, I could have used the smaller shelf that goes on top to hold my laptop and then use the larger bottom shelf for the keyboard). I must confess that the first hour felt weird, after all I sit a lot! However, I was impressed to see that even in that first hour, my concentration was better. I was less distracted by the uncomfortable sitting position and could focus on my work much more. By the end of the first week using the DeskStand™ and standing while I work, I felt more energized. It was incredible what a difference this made in such a short space of time. Soon, by the 2nd week, I was getting more accustomed to standing while working and even had my iPhone next to me – I could slot it in the space provided on the left corner of the shelf (see picture above).

I also love how the design has been so well thought out: beautiful yet extremely strong (Baltic Birch plywood material) and there’s even a hole for your laptop cable or phone cable to go through. Furthermore, the DeskStand™ has been designed in such a practical way that makes it possible to adjust the height of the shelf. I am very short (at 1m52) and found that the DeskStand™ fitted me perfectly if I adjust the shelves effectively. I didn’t need heels! I could stand bare foot and work – how cool??

I worked for two whole weeks without any neck tension or migraine. It usually takes me 3 days of working on my computer to have a migraine. So, I am sold guys! I don’t know why we have not implemented standing while working sooner in our lives, but I really think we should use the tools available today for a better future for us. I was horrified to read that studies have shown that too much sitting can lead to shortened lives and that even though you exercise, this isn’t enough to sustain your health. Why not prolong our lives and reduce our risk of heart disease and other diseases from a sedentary life if we can? Why not live longer and spend more time with people we love, our kids, our partner, our family and friends and have time to make our dreams come true?

JUMBO DeskStand™
JUMBO DeskStand™

To make the most of my DeskStand™, I intend to switch between standing and sitting while I work at my computer. Few hours sitting, few hours standing, then again few hours sitting and so forth. That seems the best practice if you want to have a healthy work environment and habit.

For readers not from South Africa, you’ll be pleased to know that they ship internationally. And if you’re a nomad like me, you’ll be equally delighted that you can simply disassemble it and pack it neatly (flat) to be shipped or carried on you to your next destination.

To recap, the benefits of using the DeskStand™: 

  • reduce neck strain
  • reduce migraine
  • reduce back pain
  • reduce fatigue
  • improve posture
  • improve health
  • reduce sedentarism while working
  • boost productivity
  • improve focus and concentration
  • increase movements (while standing)
  • increase vitality and energy levels
  • feel better overall
  • be healthier

Visit the website or their Facebook page or Twitter for more info.

For enquiries or orders, contact:
[email protected]
+27 74 126 1189

Block B301 A, Old Biscuit Mill,
375 Albert Road, Woodstock,
Cape Town 7925

Now, I guess the only question to ask is which one are you going to get? Beautiful designs are on offer and you can choose between a WallStand, the Original or the Jumbo, etc. So many possibilities and all in view of improving your life, your health by making your workspace ergonomic. Drop me a comment below if you suffer from neck pain and tension at work and what your opinion is on alternating between sitting and standing for parts of your work day. Would love to know what you think!

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