My Pop Up Store Mauritius – a beautiful space for local craftsmanship 

My Pop Up Store Mauritius is the hottest new trend when it comes to shopping local. I share my experience after attending the Summer Shop edition #18.

What’s a Pop Up Store?

Ever heard of Pop Up stores? These stores that – as the name suggests – pop up for a short period of time. These flash retail stores are quite trendy, for instance in USA, Europe, and cosmopolitan cities around the world. While in Mauritius, I had the opportunity to visit a local one – a proud moment for me to see how trendy my home island is! In this post, I share my experience at My Pop Up Store Mauritius.

My Pop Up Store Mauritius Mont Choisy Le Mall
Visual merchandising - My Pop Up Store Mauritius
Floral wreaths and mandalas at my Pop Up Store Mauritius

My Pop Up Store Mauritius – the concept

My Pop Up Store Mauritius aims to be a place of discovery, supporting local artisans, designers, and makers. This also provides more visibility to these incredibly gifted people. For me, it gave me shopping satisfaction! (That’s big, seeing that shopping isn’t exactly one of my favourite activities).

This concept started in 2012 by In Situ* Visual Merchandising and its founder Elizabeth de Marcy Chelin-Chabert. I’m extremely pleased the pop up store trend reached the shores of Mauritius. I had several “big time crushes” (or coup de coeur as we say in French) for many items to the recent My Pop Up Store edition.

My shopping experience at My Pop Up Store

My Pop Up Store opens short-term in various parts of the island. I went to the ephemeral My Pop Up Store Summer Shop #18 hosted at Mont Choisy – Le Mall.

In my humble opinion, the team has done great, not only in the visual display of the local crafts and designs, but also in the promotion of the event and the experience as a whole. Information and gorgeous images to pique your curiosity on their Facebook page for starters. Then, as you walk into My Pop Up Store, you’re offered a tantalizing array of all the wonderful, innovative designs from local artisans. Jewellery, handbags, purses, clothes, decorative items, and more for you to indulge in. All this comes with friendly and attentive service from the ladies assisting you in the shop.

My Pop Up Store decor

When I visited, the window display attracted my attention the minute I entered the Mont Choisy mall. Beautiful exquisite handcrafted beach bags were seductively beckoning me over. Or maybe it was the delicious monster leaves (with which I’m obsessed!) that were part of the décor? Either way, all my senses were awakened and I was ready to unearth gems to bring home with me.

Mauritian designers

The list of designers and participants differs from one edition to the next. Here are the ones showcased this time:

  1. APAS
  2. AQUA Swimwear
  3. Deena A.
  4. Isloom
  5. Liri
  6. Lupina
  7. Same Beach
  8. Tipizz
  9. Dame de Coeur
  10. L’Atelier de Lilou
  11. Kokasse
  12. Zebr’in
  13. Jo La Fleche
  14. É D E R the label
  15. Morissimo
  16. Panier de Lili
  17. Paheli Ethnic
  18. Health Solutions Organic Market
  19. A Cup of Joe
  20. A Sweet Harvest
  21. Sirene du Bresil
  22. JQueen
  23. Malou
  24. Lemon and Lime
  25. La Pointe Tamarin
  26. Sly Creation
  27. Miss Molly Mauritius

Most of them amazed me with their astounding creativity. Now there’s craft and there’s craft. Both are handmade except there’s that kind of quality, chic handmade craft items you want in your life! The discoveries from My Pop Up Store are refined, trendy, and utterly gorgeous! And of course, proudly “Made in Mauritius”.

The lovely bath pestemal I bought is right now gracing my living room by fulfilling its role as a #SlowLiving throw. We might also take it to the beach soon. We also found flamingo & monstera deliciosa (remember my obsession with them?) coasters to make tea time even more fun! It would have been even more fun if my fiancé had been willing to treat me with this bag with the gold sequined flamingo, but I suppose I will have to treat myself ☺️ at some stage. (Hopefully he reads this post, hehehe).

Flamingo beach basket My Pop Up Store Mauritius
Now, dear readers, what will YOU get from these talented local artisans?

If you enjoyed this post, please share it. Let’s spread more awareness to buying local whenever possible and supporting the creative entrepreneurs of Mauritius. Bravo My Pop Up Store Mauritius and long live!

My Pop Up Store Mauritius

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  • My wish is to live in a pop up store! Sometimes I still can’t believe those were created by local artisans! Thank you for sharing this artsy post Béa, I missed this edition but glad I could discover it from your blog 🙂