Weekend Getaway: My travel essentials for the beach

As an island girl, I do need beach therapy often.

beach with a small hut in Mauritius

Being by the ocean has this calming effect on me. It comforts my soul, brings rest to my mind and leaves me feeling relaxed. So relaxed that I often feel sleepy after spending time at the beach!

Have you ever felt this way too?

The marine air contains ions which helps in the production of serotonin, thus making and keeping you happy. So, if you’re feeling blue or in need of a little pick me up, head for the beach.

Today, I reveal my island girl travel essentials that I take with me for a beach getaway. All you need after that is to head to the beach closest to you.

travel essentials infographic

  1. Sunglasses – essential as I rarely stay in the sun without my sunnies! Taking care of your eyes is vital.
  2. Straw hat – good to keep my head from burning in the heat and enables me to read as it provides a bit of shade. Plus, it can give you a chic look!
  3. Beach hair spray – I always have this on me to protect my hair against damage from sun, salt from the sea water and keeps my locks from discolouring.
  4. Sun lotion – prevent your holidays from a bad start by not getting sun-burnt
  5. Facial spray – I use a facial spray to cool down when it gets too humid. I also use it to keep the rest of my body cool as I can spray some over my neck and my arms.

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“Weekend Getaway: My travel essentials for the beach”

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