Are we women harnessing the full power of who we are? (this relates to our cycle)

(My dear women readers, this one is for you. Men, perhaps a post you could recommend to the women in your life?)

Have you ever had something amazing happen to you and you couldn’t wait to tell this to your best friend? I feel like this today – I’ve been longing to share this with you.

Harnessing our full power as women

We as women are complex creatures. We have to agree on this – there are different phases we go through. Sometimes, we are feeling great and high in energy, at other times we get a bit moody and so on. Most of it has to do with that time of the month. Period. Menstruation. And we endure all of it. The cramps. The cravings. The mood swings. PMS.

What if, instead of dreading the symptoms, we harnessed the full power of our hormonal cycle phases?

How it all started with MyFlo

My journey of being in sync with my cycle phases started shortly after I listened to Alisa Vitti’s TEDx talk about loving our lady parts as a path to success, power and global change. When she explained how food can recalibrate her hormonal system, I was hooked. Please stop reading and go listen to that talk right now so we can be on the same page – it gets even better!

Having experimented with this on a smaller scale, for instance, how there were times when if I increased my intake of leafy greens, I had less cramps. I also noticed that there’s a particular time during the month when I start getting foggy-brained or porridge brain. Low concentration, forgetfulness, makes mistakes when writing or counting. Yes, our hormones affect our brain chemistry each week!!! This means we are a different person each week, in the way we think, feel and behave.

I downloaded the app that Alisa has put together for us women to regain control of our lives when we understand each cycle phase and use them to our advantage. Since then, I have been able to plan my month better.

MyFlo app

MyFlo app screenshot – Cycles

With my nomadic lifestyle, MyFlo has helped me decide when to plan my next trips. Because I have an idea when I’m most energetic, I know when to schedule road trips, train rides and flights, as well as exercise. I can make arrangements ahead of time for the days where I would naturally crave for quiet moments and likewise, for the days where I’m at my most sociable. That’s when I would meet my hosts, meet with other bloggers or travellers or engage more with locals.

MyFlo app

symptoms – MyFlo app screenshot

Understanding my body better and treating it with love

It has helped me know what to eat to alleviate the symptoms of PMS (I actually have none related to PMS for the past four months). Prior to this, my PMS would be serious. I would go through two agonizing days where I felt utterly empty and unloved, would crave for red velvet cake and chocolate, and be on the verge of suicide. It was so extreme that I started keeping a diary and noticed it always occurred at exactly two days before my period! Because I kept track of it, whenever the TWO bad days would occur, I would know that it’s due to my hormones and will gently lock myself indoors and allow myself to be sad, knowing it’s not “for real” and it will pass soon. It did pass. Always, after two days. Right on cue, when my period started. And then the veil of sadness would lift. I would feel great and ‘normal’ again.

power of a woman

I didn’t want it to be on this mad roller coaster every month. Who wants to deliberately go through two days of depressing thoughts? Nobody. So finding this app has been an absolute gift that helps me keep track of what I’m experiencing, what phase I’m in and therefore what type of food to include in my diet or what exercise would be more beneficial.

There are even suggestions to remedy to an issue you might have, for example according to my symptoms I am experiencing the early stages of perimenopause (eek!). Sounds hectic! And yet, Alisa has developed a program specially for women like me so we can get our sexy, youthful power back by eating the right food that can help turn back the clock somehow.

Ladies, ready to take on the world? 🙂

Let me know if you’ve used the app and how you are enjoying it.

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post. I’ve used the app on my own accord and decided to share it with you because it’s something I wished I had sooner and hopefully you’ll enjoy the app too.

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