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REDEFINE session {Bookings are now closed for this year}

Redefine your life

Do you feel stuck?

Unable to do things you want due to your present circumstances?

Longing to be free?

If you said yes to the above, take heart. It’s time for more joy in your life. It’s no coincidence you are reading this.

YOU are ready.

I’m committed to helping you as someone who’s been in a similar situation in the past. 


In a private 1:1 online video session, we will go deep in uncovering what is keeping you stuck and unfulfilled currently, identifying the walls that block you, so you can feel more free, and live the life you want.

We will work together to:

  • Extract the vision of what your dream life looks like for you
  • Identify the resources you do have and how to use them as a stepping stone towards the life you want
  • Create a customized action plan that suits your unique personality outlining steps you need to take to start living your dream life

Embark on the greatest adventure of all time-  living a life you’re wildly in love with.

The private 1:1 session includes:

  • A pre-assessment questionnaire
  • 90-min video session with me via Zoom
  • A customized worksheet & action plan
  • A follow-up “accountability check-in” email from me 10 days after our session to check if you’re still on track and if you have any challenges.

Book your spot for the REDEFINE session

Step 1: Have what you need to pay ready (it will be via PayPal)

Step 2:  Take a minute to breathe and reflect – you’ll be asked to answer four questions as part of the pre-assessment questionnaire. (This helps in making sure we are both on the same page before we start our session together. We want the time we spend in the session to be valuable and used efficiently).

Step 3: Select a date & time in my calendar

Step 4: Click link below to confirm and reserve your REDEFINE session spot.

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Any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]