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Mademoiselle Nomad Alternate LogoAccording to this UK survey, bloggers are trusted more than celebrities, journalists, politicians and the like. This is not at all bad news, because it means that customers nowadays seek honesty and transparency.

My voice and reach

As a blogger, I provide an authentic voice that is targeted to my audience of women and men between the ages of 24-45 who enjoy travel (slow-travel and in simple luxury), gastronomy & culture. My readers are all over the world, with the highest percentage living in South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, and Mauritius.

If you’d like to work with me, there are various opportunities we can explore together. While I am a professional blogger, I will only take on work that I feel will resonate with my audience and that is in line with my travel blog. It goes without saying that my readers are important to me and I want to remain true and loyal to them.

Disclosure: Please note that by law, I will disclose of any free products, invites and sponsorship obtained from brands/marketers to my readers in my blogpost. My opinions will however be unbiased and I will write honest reviews, whether or not I have received some form of compensation.

Brands I’ve worked with

  • Sun International
  • AfricaCamps
  • African Pride Hotels
  • DeskStand
  • Beachcomber Hotels
  • Rotana Hotels
  • The Entertainer
  • Baystone Boutique Hotel
  • RubyBox

I’ve also written for Sundays and been featured in Kozé magazine

Here’s how we can work together

Life Abroad mentoring

I help expats, nomads and anyone living abroad to navigate the different stages of life abroad as well as establish their business or work abroad. The topics we cover (but are not limited to) are: integration, adaptation, loneliness, homesickness, culture shock, friendships, relationships, singleness, going the distance, reverse culture shock. Using my past experience of living abroad (over a decade living and working in a foreign country) and my nomadic lifestyle, I will be that attentive ear you need, that reliable shoulder to lean on when you need. From the comfort of your own home/space. Sessions are done via Skype and over a cup of tea, naturally. Click to book your FREE 15-min discovery call with me.

Accommodation Reviews (hotels, boutique hotels, guesthouses)

If you would like to invite me to review your property, please let me know what you are willing to offer in a detailed manner (accommodation type, meals included and other offers). Please note that I travel with my partner and would appreciate a room on double occupancy. I generally cover my own travel expenses (flights, ground transportation) to the countries I’m visiting. That said, I do charge a fee in addition to complimentary accommodation. Occasionally, I may choose to review a hotel/establishment for free, and this will be at my own discretion. I do not feature budget accommodation, hostels or backpackers on my blog.

You can click here, here or here for some examples of accommodation reviews I have previously done.

Restaurants, cooking tours, excursions, day trips, cruises, cultural tours

Please include exactly what you are offering and what your expectations are. While I may receive direction from you in terms of your branding and company culture, my blogpost will be in the form of an honest review/story-telling post based on my personal experience of your services.

Feel free to read an example of a culinary review here.

Events – launches, parties and social gatherings

I love attending events, launches and social gatherings. Please kindly advise dress code, what the event is about, how it fits with my blog, the duration and an estimate agenda (is there a meal included? will there be a presentation? Can we come at any time?). Please note however that unless agreed prior, I am not obliged to write about it on my blog or to mention it on my social media channels.

Product reviews, competitions and giveaways

Before approaching me or sending me products, please note that I am highly allergic to seafood (shellfish, crustaceans, mollusks) and do not drink alcohol. I am a huge tea enthusiast, chocolate connoisseur and a lover of beautiful things.

For press drops, please contact me for the physical address. I am based between Cape Town and Mauritius, but due to the nature of my work, I may be in a different country.

I may feature or host competitions that I feel my readers will enjoy (despite my own dietary requirements), however these are at my discretion. One example could be wine-related competitions or a giveaway for a dinner at a restaurant serving seafood.

Some examples can be read here, here and here.

What I do not do

  • I do not publish press releases or promote current events on my blog. This can be done via my social media channels such as Facebook and/or Twitter at a fee. This is if I feel your event will be of interest to my readers.
  • I do not accept guest posts.
  • I do not accept publishing links or articles in exchange of payment.
  • I do not work for free. Just like plumbers, dentists, painters, accountants, lawyers, waiters, architects, veterinarians to name a few.

Rate card and media kit

If you believe our brands are a good fit and you are serious about working with me, please send me a detailed proposal and I will send you my rate card and media kit.



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