Write your intentional story

Imagine... living a wholehearted life.

A deeply rooted wanderer.


Imagine waking up feeling light and joyful, with a spring in your step, no matter your energy levels or physical limitations, because you feel so aligned with your heart’s purpose. Imagine already living life as you’d always dreamed of, instead of wishing it would get better… you know, someday.
Imagine working on your own terms, with your own definition of success and no longer being affected by what others think of you.

Building a life where WORK and HEART align with INTENTION.

You can have this too.


You can live your best.


No matter what.


I spent the past 20 years designing this for me. I know what it feels like to have great jobs and yet not feel quite fulfilled. I have also been in jobs where it drained my soul, and slowly killed my creative spirit. I’ve been there. And trust me, it’s because our heart always will bring back to the surface our purpose – what we are meant to do should be aligned.


 Bea is a very good listener, she offers a safe space to open up and this helps to be honest and really shed light on the issues and obstacles holding me back from living my best life. Bea offers advice, suggestions, strategies that provide that extra support needed to focus on things that matter, and build a plan to improve the way I do or manage things. As a result of my work with Bea I have been able to take care of myself and take the best decision about my future. – Jill Seerungum (Mauritius)

Over ten years ago...

If you’re like me, you probably will understand when I say I didn’t want to live an ‘okay’ life. I wanted more. More joy, more flow, and the certainty that I’m on my path, doing what I’ve been called to do in the world. And I knew that my version of life wouldn’t necessarily look like that of anyone else. Back then, I didn’t have enough money, I didn’t know how to get where I wanted, or how to make my ideas floating in my head turn into reality.

I dreamt of a life of freedom in how I use my time, resources, and my lifestyle. I dreamt of a life of fun & flexibility where I could set my own schedule, work from pretty locations, do lots of writing, and be creative (while earning a great income). I dreamt of being fulfilled in my life and my work, where I’d make an impact in the world somehow, and that I’d live my life to the fullest instead of merely existing.

After my daydreaming, I decided to design my own path. Together with God, I co-created and carved my path the way I wanted, even though it wasn’t ‘the norm’ or what most people in society were doing. I got comfortable with being uncomfortable. I invested in myself, in honing my skills, managing better my resources, and took the leap into living life exactly how my heart wanted to. After years of experimenting and putting in practice everything I have learned over the past decade, I’m sharing with you my simple strategies to work and live in a way that’s intentional, and where you can work online and be location-independent if you so wish.

 Prior to booking Bea’s services, I was reluctant because of the price, yet I knew it’s a good investment. I can’t express how important it is for me to move onto the next phase of my life and how precious Bea’s support is for me as I head there. Working with Bea really opened up my mind and provided me with more clarity to how I will do what I want to do for my life and business. It also made me believe more in myself and my strengths. We could chat from the comfort of our (respective) home even being miles away from each other. I loved working with you Bea, and I look forward to connecting with you more! – Mira Garvin (Ireland)


Life now...

I now do life-giving work which fills me with joy and a deep sense of purpose as I empower deeply-rooted women wanderers (and the occasional men too) to live an intentional life. My zone of genius is to guide you to build an online business that supports your lifestyle and allows you freedom, flexibility, fun, and fulfilment.

My lifestyle is an ideal blend of what makes me thrive – work, play, and nap. I work less than 20 hours a week, have two online businesses that I absolutely love showing up for, clients who are my dream people to work with, and work that I enjoy doing. Every single day. I have little clutter, choosing to have a capsule wardrobe and few belongings to allow me to be flexible in my nomadic life. I am a newly-wed to my husband The Geek, and he understands and supports my lifestyle because he’s enjoying the richness of it too! Together, we have a cat named Leïa who loves sleeping on my laptop keyboard and my phone – perfect digital detox opportunity for me. 

I share bits of my life and behind-the-scenes of what a day looks like on my social media channels to encourage others that they too can live life on their terms. I live a simple life, enjoying the comforts of wanders and micro adventures during slow travel, and cherish quality time with those in my close circle of friends. 

A typical day for me looks different to any other, however to give you an overview, here’s what I do:

I wake up at the sound of birds in a beautiful bedroom where light comes gently tickling my eyelids. I do my morning journalling and spend time with God. I have brunch (while my husband has lunch because he’s an early morning riser), then proceed to checking emails and social media for an hour. Work for 2-3 hours then have a swim or leisurely walk in nature.  I come back for lunch, followed by an afternoon nap (I love them!). Waking up for the second time that day, I’ll then faff around the home a bit, and enjoy my hobbies (reading, painting, crafting, or learning languages). I’ll finish some work if applicable, then get dinner ready. If I’m in an exploring mood, I’ll spend part of the day wandering slowly or working from another location than home. My husband usually reads us bedtime stories and then we drift off to a peaceful slumber.

There’s not a day I worry about money, because I’ve learned to master my finances well. I also know that in business, we can always make more money. I value and embrace a slower pace of living, knowing that I am perfectly happy wherever I am, in every season of life. My heart is joyful because I wake up with purpose knowing everything I do is intentional.

It starts with a choice.

A choice to prioritise living your life. Not someone else’s version of life.


The results from working with Bea are that I have increased profits by an average of ten percent with my last order. I’ve become a little more organized with my time, adding ukulele practice to it. I’ve made more time for my friends, so we hang out more and am slowly working my way out of one of my jobs (which I don’t particularly enjoy). I have gained a good friend who I view as a role model and a mentor, even though we are on complete opposite sides of the world. The worksheet Bea made motivates me to do better because I know I can do so. You have to put in the effort and energy to maintain the momentum of productivity after a session with Bea. She is a great mentor and is worth the time and money. – Michael Nieves (Massachusetts, USA).

Begin your journey to your intentional story:

When you work with me, you’ll be saying yes to four months where we dig deep into your vision for your life, and what success means to you.

  • You will get clear on what you want from life, and how to live it more intentionally.
  • You’ll learn to declutter the superfluous and make space for what you want more of.
  • You’ll begin to savour living life on your own terms, without feeling guilty about it, or fear of scrutiny.
  • You’ll be able to work online, doing work you love, with clients internationally, and be location-independent if you so wish.

This mentorship is a no-brainer for you to invest in when you make the choice to live your best now. You can also take the longer route  (the one I took). It might cost you more – more money, more time, more drain on your resources and energy, more trial and error. 

Or you could take the simpler way and learn directly from someone who’s been in your shoes and who gets it. I am not charging the real value (well over $20,000) of what my experience and learning is worth – remember I spent over ten years designing this lifestyle until it became sustainable. Enjoy the accountability, and having someone to guide you on this journey.

Here’s what you get as part of the 4-month mentoring:

For $2,200 paid in full (or a payment plan of $590 per month) you receive 8 x 60min coaching calls, worksheets, unlimited access to me via email and our private portal, and my decade of knowledge, experience, and strategies. 

This is for you if you are:

  • committed to making your dream life a reality and will do what it takes (past the discomfort) to get there
  • highly qualified in your current job, but it’s draining you or you don’t feel completely fulfilled working for someone else, or these long hours
  • wanting to work less, but make more positive impact in the world, and live a meaningful life you’re proud of 
  • yearning to be happy, and finally live life in a way that satisfies your soul

Feeling your heart beating faster? You’re ready. Let’s write your intentional story.

I only work with a select few at a time, so don’t waste another second and apply now… even if you’re just curious. 

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